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Independent Pharmacy Reviews

IMM offer cost-effective solutions to improve patient outcomes and optimise medication use through clinical discussions with treating parties and comprehensive, evidence-based advice

Independent Pharmacy

Our clinical Pharmacists provide expert advice to Australian insurers and treating doctors

Our Independent Pharmacists provide expert opinions to support treatment plans and claim management through detailed Pharmacy Reviews, clinical discussions and advice.

Our interventions were created on a foundation of knowledge and industry experience, providing superior pricing, services and outcomes.

What Can IMM Do For You?

We improve patient outcomes, reduce claim costs and change prescribing behaviours, facilitating long-lasting change for patients and insurers.

Our Services

Pharmacy Review

We offer 3 tiers of Pharmacy Reviews, offering competitive pricing and giving you the ability to decide what inclusions you need, whether you need multiple doctors contacted or a file review only. Inclusions vary depending on service requested. All our Reviews include an unlimited number of medications so there are no surprises when it comes to invoicing.

Risk Assessment & Advice

Unsure if a claim requires Pharmacy Review or intervention, or if medications are safe and appropriate with respect to the claim? Our Pharmacists can complete a short risk-assessment to provide you with the right advice on how best to proceed with managing the claim and associated medication treatments. This gives you the knowledge needed to take action.

Conferences / Counselling

Case Conferences between insurers, doctors and patients are an ideal setting to ensure all parties are on the same page when it comes to treatment plans and expectations. Our Pharmacists can host group discussions or Patient Medication Counselling sessions to improve patient health literacy and minimise risk of harm.

The SIRA NSW Guide to Medication Management

“Harms and risks can occur with ongoing use of high risk medications. A medication review can be requested by an insurer to provide an independent assessment of the overall medication prescribed."

Medicinal cannabis - Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

"Most medicinal cannabis products are unapproved therapeutic goods, which means they have not been assessed by the TGA for safety, quality or effectiveness."

Our Statistics

December 2023 Quarterly Audit


Of claims are given recommendations for optimisation


Of doctors agree with our Pharmacists recommendations


Of doctors trial our Pharmacists recommendations


Increase in doctors writing PBS prescriptions


A much needed service

The most detailed and thorough medication review I have ever seen. How can I have more of my patients sent to you?

NSW General Practitioner

They actually help

They are extremely communicative, fast and seem to have conversations with providers that actually help change prescription actions when needed.

Injury Management Advisor

I can't believe it

With their intervention I was able to sleep without drinking alcohol... My energy level has shot up where I can't believe achieving it. I do absolutely appreciate what the team have done for me.

NSW Injured Worker

Injured person medications

The use of medication is the most common intervention in health care.

How closely are you managing medication use in your claims?

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