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SIRA - NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority - Guide to Medication Management

“Harms and risks can occur with ongoing use of high risk medications. A medication review can be requested by an insurer to provide an independent assessment of the overall medication prescribed."

The NSW Government State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) have created a new resource Medication management in the NSW personal injury schemes: Better practice guide

Some medications used to treat injuries sustained at work or on the road have the potential for negative health outcomes, dependence and accidental overdose. This guidance aims to minimise the potential harms associated with the use of medications to support optimal health outcomes for people in the NSW workers compensation (WC) and compulsory third party (CTP) schemes. The guidance includes recommendations for:

  • high risk medications that should be monitored

  • the application of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

  • indications and use of a medication review

  • standardised invoicing requirements for pharmacies.

SIRA Better Practice Guide (1)
Download PDF • 300KB

At Independent Med Management, we conduct Insurance Pharmacy Reviews in line with SIRA's recommendations. You can refer to IMM for a medication review via our referral form linked below:


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