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Please contact our office for a full list of Services, Inclusions & Fees

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Education Sessions

Independent Med Management now offer in-person or virtual education sessions for your teams. These sessions are conducted by Australia's most experienced Independent Pharmacist. Hit the button to find out more. 

Our Report Services

What do we assess in a Pharmacy Review?

  • Medication indications and relevance to claim/injury

  • Efficacy of the drug for the individual

  • Safety for use 

  • Contra-indications, adverse effects, risks of the drug

  • Medication interactions of full medication profile

  • Alternative medications and management strategies

  • Potential for tolerance, dependence and addiction

  • Impacts on fitness, function, quality of life

  • Barriers to returning to work and daily activities

  • Medication pricing charged to the insurer

  • Medication reduction plans

  • Appropriate monitoring of the drug and outcomes from use

Common triggers for our intervention

  • Reports of adverse effects (impacts on fitness, sedation, drowsiness)

  • Gastrointestinal upset / investigations

  • Requests for drug trials

  • Medicinal cannabis use or requests

  • Long-term use of 'high-risk' drugs (opioids, benzodiazepines)

  • Addiction or misuse concerns

  • Polypharmacy (5 or more drugs)

  • Ineffective medications (continued symptoms despite ongoing medication)

  • Determine claim related / unrelated medications

  • Determine reasonable and necessary medications

  • Excessive pharmacy pricing

  • Lack of communication from treating Doctor

  • Multiple treating/prescribing doctors, multiple Pharmacies

Our average turn-around times


We finalise reports within 5 business days of receiving your referral


We achieve successful treating party contact within 3 days of your referral


We finalise reports within 2 business days of successful treating doctor contact


Our Pricing is competitive and varies depending on the service requested. We tailor our services and prices to meet your needs.

Contact us for our up-to-date fee schedule.

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